We have had an odd issue on Domino that we have not been able to resolve despite lots of input from HCL. I just wanted to post it in case any other person comes across it.
The symptom is a Domlog entry for 38 seconds when you trigger an email via XPages.

This happened @4 years ago on an Azure Linux Domino 9 server ( which we scrapped )  and then started again with an Azure Windows Domino 11 server about a year ago.
There is a SSJS doc.send() event which is triggered by a web UI button.
When the button is pressed the server often pauses 38 seconds before sending the email. The web UI, for that user, hangs during that period.

The problem is not in the Routing of the email but in the initial mail.box deposit. It appears as though some timeout ( or maybe two of them – see later ) is the problem.
This is some simplified code

var sendto = “sean@acme.com”
var memo:NotesDocument = database.createDocument();
memo.appendItemValue(“Form”, “Memo”);
memo.appendItemValue(“Subject”, “Test Email ” );
memo.send(false, sendto);

This is repeatable and we worked with HCL on it for quite a while.

The workaround has TWO parts.

  1. Create the email directly into the mail.box
  2. When referencing the mail.box server just use a null string (“”) otherwise you may experience 19 second delays ( exactly half the delay experienced above )

var sendto = “sean@acme.com”
var db: NotesDatabase = session.getDatabase(“”, “mail.box”, false);
var memo:NotesDocument = db.createDocument();
memo.appendItemValue(“Form”, “Memo”);
memo.appendItemValue(“Subject”, “Test Email 2 ” );

Quite why this is happening I have no idea ( nor does HCL ) but the workaround works. It was suggested by Chris Bekas who had a server that crashed when he used doc.send().
Also thanks to Karsten Lehmann, slapraik#9871, Lars Berntrop-Bos and John Dalsgaard who suggested using “” rather than the server name

If you are not in the OpenNTF Discord chat then maybe join up – OpenNTF – The OpenNTF Discord Server

HCL ticket CS0309098

p.s. the Azure bit could be a red herring