There are some good tutorials for the new Mobile Controls in UP1 / Extension library but none of them have a complete download.

This is a simple NSF which is based on the tutorial from the wiki and the discussion template XL with everything removed apart from the bits needed for this simple demo. It looks very similar to the one in the Extension Library book.

The bit that caused me the most grief was realising that the mobile XPages needed to have a prefix ( m_ or similar ) which in turn activates the mobile themes which in turn call a couple of script libraries which are needed for the transitions. Themes in XPages are not just about UI so don’t skip them !

Download =>

I’ll post a demo later – I’ve just realised I don’t have UP1 on my server – I hang my head in shame ;-(

p.s. thanks to @pdhannan for spotting my error and for writing the wiki tutorial in the first place.


Bruce Elgort just reminded me about his excellent slide pack and download