UPDATE : Snagit 9.1 has been released ( @ 9/12/08 ) and appears to cure this problem

Note :  I am not entirely sure I understand why this works but it does seem to. I have asked Techsmith for clarification and will update this accordingly

I am a big fan of Techsmiths Snaggit for creating annotated screenshots. Recently I have found that the editor program it has been taking 50% of the CPU and causing the computer to hang. I tried to reinstall it but that made no difference. Then I came across this artice on the Techsmith support site  :

After making a capture, Editor loads slowly or the CPU usage jumps to a high amount which locks up the machine.

In version 9 this can happen if there is a zip file in the same folder with all your images that SnagIt Editor is keeping track of.  This is a known issue that will be fixed in a future release.  As a temporary workaround please remove all zip files from the folders that your images are contained in.

What the article does not make clear is what folders snaggit is watching. The default folder for storing the previous clips turns out to be :

C:Documents and Settings>>username<