This week someone expressed their admiration at how I have persevered with XPiNC – it actually made me wonder about the messages I have been sending out.

Anyone who follows my Blog knows that I am passionate about XPages and XPiNC ( XPages in the Notes Client ).
My enthusiasm and my wish to see other developers avoid the pitfalls that I have encountered probably could give the impression that I am not happy with XPiNC.

The reality could not be further from the truth**. I am still blown away by XPiNC – the ability to have modern looking applications as disconnected replicas within Lotus Notes still astounds me. There have been issues and quirks but in our recent dual web / XPiNC project ( > 1,000 hours ) only  2 -3 % of those hours have been related to making the application truly web and Notes capable.

I find that figure amazing – yes the project took much longer than a traditional Notes App would have done but it is a much more capable App than we were able to do in classic Notes. The extra work to allow people to use it disconnected ( the main use case ) was tiny.

I know tablet apps are all the rage but it would be interesting to get the road warriors to spend a week with an iPAD typing up visit reports V’s a week with a nice MacBook Air using XPiNC. The development costs for XPiNC would also be less than for a truly disconnected tablet app.

**well almost, I would still like a spell checker and some other stuff please 🙂