I am presenting about “The Benefits of XPages” at ABB Global Consulting and they have been good enough to demonstrate the advantages of XPages using their solution ( a Notes database that has saved them > $4M since 2002 ).

The presentation will be a “warts and all” account of my experiences with XPages as a business owner and consultant. It will also be very high speed given that I only have 45 minutes.

I thought it would be good to try 2 things :

1) let you see the DRAFT presentation in advance so that you can decide if you want to come ( there will obviously many more words than on the slides ). Time at LUGs is precious and I would find this useful as an attendee so see attached.

Note that there is also a complimentary BLUG presentation by my colleague Andrew Champion talking about his experiences as an XPages developer using this and other applications as examples of his journey from Notes Developer to XPages Developer.

2) Ask for your help… I am passionate about Notes and XPages as something that can add Real Business Value. We have been lucky enough to have a customers that are willing to share those success stories ( with some sensible restrictions ). I need more examples for Slide 26.

To me this is a classic “Chicken and Egg” problem with Notes – there are load of “Geeks” ( me included ) showing other Geeks cool snippets of code but very few people are showing the “Managers” the business value that comes from Notes.

Often the Managers don’t realise the value until they try to replace it  with something else.

We NEED to be telling the success stories about Notes and XPages – IBM is not good at doing this so we need to do it ourselves – they even throw a mysterious cloak of impenetrability around their own XPage CIO projects when they speak about them –  to be fair Ed Brill did do a good job at INV101  LS12.

So … do you have any examples that I can add to slide 26 ?

Ideally they would be examples form end users but XPage ISV solutions would be OK too.

Thanks, Sean
Image:My BLUG presentation in advance and a request for your help

Image:My BLUG presentation in advance and a request for your help